Why UBC?

Thank you for considering the UBC CCFP-EM program. All of our graduates will tell you that their EM year was both the most challenging and rewarding of all of their training. As an applicant, you have several great programs to choose from across Canada. Listed are some strengths of our program.


Residents spend several months at St Paul’s Hospital on emergency medicine rotation. This is a busy inner city emergency department with an annual census of approximately 80K. As the CCFP-EM resident, you are considered the senior resident on all shifts regardless of the level of other learners in the department. St Paul’s ED staff physicians are experienced and committed teachers, several of whom have received teaching awards. In addition, the following rotations are offered:

  • 1 month of emergency medicine at Lions Gate Hospital
  • 1 month of emergency medicine at Royal Columbian Hospital
  • 1 month of emergency medicine at either Nanaimo Regional Hospital, Prince George Regional Hospital, or Royal Inland Hospital in Kamloops
  • 3 weeks of CCU at St Paul’s Hospital
  • 1 month trauma rotation at Royal Columbian Hospital or Vancouver General Hospital. Residents also frequently elect to do this rotation in South Africa.
  • 1 month pediatric emergency medicine rotation at BC Children’s Hospital
  • 6 weeks of ICU at either St Paul’s, Royal Columbian Hospital or Surrey Memorial Hospital
  • 1 month at the Whistler Health Care Center. This urgent care center sees a high volume of trauma – particularly orthopedic injuries. This rotation takes place in skiing or mountain biking season to ensure volume; accommodation is arranged
  • 2 weeks each of adult and pediatric anesthesia

We also offer a one month flexible block we call REEEPO, an acronym for Radiology, ENT, EDE, EHS, Plastics, Ophthalmology. This is organized around a half time emergency block at St Paul’s with a focus on ultrasound scanning.

There are several opportunities for clinics, as well as EHS and air ambulance ride-alongs and it is up to the residents to use these to fill in knowledge gaps where necessary.

St. Paul’s Hospital

This is the main hospital site for the CCFP-EM program. As described above, St. Paul's is a busy, acute care hospital in the heart of downtown Vancouver with an annual census of 80K. Lions Gate Hospital Lions Gate is a community hospital in North Vancouver that serves as a trauma center. It is the referral center for the North Shore and the Sea-to-Sky corridor. It has an annual census of approximately 55K.

Royal Columbian Hospital

Royal Columbian Hospital is a large trauma center in New Westminster that serves as a referral center for the Fraser valley. The annual ED census is approximately 67K.

Nanaimo Regional Hospital

Located on Vancouver Island, NGH has an annual census of approximately 60,000.

Prince George Regional Hospital

Prince George is the largest city in northern BC; the hospital sees an annual census of approximately 45,000.

Royal Inland Hospital

Located in the Thompson River Valley, in south central BC, Royal Inland Hospital has an annual census of approximately 64,000.

One of our goals is to allow all of our graduates the opportunity to be certified as an independent US practitioner by the Canadian Emergency Ultrasound Society. Achieving this requires completion of an introductory EDE course, completion of 200 proctored US scans and successful completion of a written and visual exam. All of our residents do an EDE course early in the year; we set aside dedicated time to allow proctored scans to ensure residents are provided with opportunities to take the examinations.

Simulator based education is rapidly evolving. We make frequent use of human patient simulators based at Vancouver General and St. Paul’s Hospitals.

Our program offers a weekly academic full day. We have monthly journal clubs and all of our residents deliver several presentations throughout the year. We do an annual cadaver procedure lab, an EDE course, an airway skills day and an ophthalmology skills lab. Our residents attend the annual St. Paul’s Hospital Emergency Medicine Update Conference in Whistler, the largest annual EM conference in western Canada. There are no formal research expectations but for interested residents, there is a large and active EM research group based at St Paul’s Hospital. For residents interested in horizontal family medicine, half days can be arranged.

There are several mock oral and written exams delivered through the year. These are open to CCFP-EM residents only.

We have several social events throughout the year including a welcome party, the St. Paul’s Hospital Emergency Medicine Update Conference, an annual resident ski day and a graduation party.

Residents are responsible for self-scheduling at St Paul’s Hospital. Other departments tend to be flexible in this regard as well. We offer a flexible REEEPO (Radiology, ENT, EDE, EHS, Plastics, Ophthalmology) block in order to provide opportunities for residents to fill their own knowledge gaps.