Medical Simulation


A group of individuals working together to improve patient safety and provide high quality educational experiences in Medical Simulation.

Immediate Goals

  • To standardize an Emergency Medicine Simulation Curriculum for medical trainees across the province.
  • Create an library of innovative and effective case scenarios.
  • To promote education about simulation to other faculty members and to help faculty development with feedback and debriefing skills. To build a core of clinical teachers dedicated to further developing Simulation as an educational tool.
  • To collaborate with other Medical Simulation Groups in BC.

Long Term Goals

  • To create excellent educational experiences using a high fidelity simulator to enhance clinical knowledge, procedural skills and principles of Crisis Resource Management in Emergency Medicine.
  • Collaborate with other specialties such as critical care, anesthesia and pediatrics.
  • Design high quality interdisciplinary educational experiences with respiratory therapy and nursing.
  • Encourage and promote opportunities for simulation outside of major academic centres.
  • Develop and support faculty and residents in Simulation Research.
  • To support a team of learners, nurses, and physicians to compete in the the CAEP Simulation Olympiad.


Jeanne Macleod |