Innovation Initiatives

The following strategic initiatives are central to the success of the vision and mission of the Department of Emergency Medicine. They do not represent all the knowledge generation activity in the department. They do represent key areas of need and each has established faculty leadership. We intend to support each of these initiatives to ensure their success and we believe that each will be instrumental in improving care in emergency departments across the province.

Graduate Student Supervisors

Some strategic initiative leaders may be eligible and available to act as graduate student supervisors. Students interested in this possibility are encouraged to inquire directly with the strategic initiative leader involved or the DEM Research Director.

Facilitating Our Mission

Emergency Care BC


Provincial Emergency Medicine Clinical Database

Improving Clinical Practice

Cardiovascular Emergencies

Stroke and Transient Ischemic Attacks

BC Resuscitation Research Collaborative

Sepsis & Soft Tissue Infections

Procedural Sedation & Analgesia

Developing Best Practices for Mass Gathering Medicine

Continuing Professional Training Program

Prevention & Harm Reduction

Patient Safety and System Resilience in Emergency Care

Preventing Adverse Drug Events

Road Safety

Smoking Cessation and the Role of the ED

System Response to Toxicologic Emergencies