Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Our Commitment

The UBC Department of Emergency Medicine is committed to equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI). Equity occurs when everyone has a fair chance to excel, diversity appreciates broad representation and inclusion happens when everyone is valued and belongs. To promote progress towards EDI, we will solicit and embrace multiple perspectives to make our department stronger so that we can provide optimal patient care and be leaders in research and education. As our department continues along the EDI journey, we invite all members to join us in this ongoing important work. 

Our Goals

  • Recruitment, Retention, and Success – to actively recruit, support, retain, and advance students, faculty, staff, and leaders from systemically marginalized communities
  • Systems Change – to be intentional and proactive in changing systems, structures, policies, practices, and processes to advance equity, diversity, and inclusion
  • Capacity Building – to enhance institutional and individual capacities and skills to succeed in and advance inclusive environments and work to sustain and continually evolve that capacity as skills and capabilities are increased
  • Accountability – to be accountable to our commitment to inclusion through clear and timely processes, thorough evaluation, and transparent reporting to the UBC communities on its progress on this action plan

EDI Chair and Committee

Dr. Ka Wai Cheung and Dr. Gina Gill, with the support of DEM Co-Heads Dr. John Tallon and Dr. Roy Purssell, were appointed as UBC DEM’s Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) co-chairs in early 2022. They were instrumental in the completion of the DEM’s first year of EDI work, which involved the development of the department’s EDI commitment.

Dr. Cheung will continue as the department’s EDI chair to lead the second year of work, which includes assembling an EDI committee. Once a committee is in place, the work will involve ongoing collaboration with DEM leaders to promote EDI within the department.

EDI Resources and Training 

General Resources:

Human Resources:

Patient Care: 

Indigenous Resources: