Department of Emergency Medicine Advisory Committee (DEMAC)

Function and Responsibilities

The purpose of this Committee is to advise and assist the Department Head regarding broad issues which will benefit and advance the educational and research priorities of the Department of Emergency Medicine.


This committee is made up of ex officio and appointed members. Up to six members at large may be appointed to ensure there is balanced and effective representation.

The Department of Emergency Medicine’s commitment to equitable and diverse membership on its committees and advisory councils guides its nomination and selection process.

Ex officio
Department Co-Heads (Chairs)Corinne Hohl
Past Department HeadsJim Christenson, Roy Purssell, John Tallon
Head, Division of Pediatric Emergency Medicine (Pediatrics) Garth Meckler
DEM Undergraduate Program DirectorJill McEwen
RPSC (EM) Program DirectorKevin Clark
CFPC (EM) Program Director(s)Rob Saona, Quentin Genuis
RPSC (EM) Site Director, Vancouver IslandJeff Eisen
RPSC (EM) Site Director, InteriorJosh Williams
RPSC (EM) Site Director, FraserTom Green
RPSC (EM) Site Director, VancouverTina Yokota
DEM Chair, Equity, Diversity and InclusionKa Wai Cheung
DEM Research Director (interim)Frank Scheuermeyer
ECBC Scientific DirectorRiyad Abu-Laban
DEM Clinical Faculty Affairs RepresentativeDavid Migneault
DEM Administrative ManagerMeredith Edwards
Doctors of BC Section of Emergency Medicine Leader(s)Gord McInnes, Steven Fedder
Academic Representative, Fraser RegionJohn Taylor
Academic Representative, Northern RegionFloyd Besserer
Academic Representative, Vancouver Island 
Academic Representative, InteriorEmily Stewart
Up to 6 members at largeJulian Marsden, Kendal Ho, Eric Grafstein, Heather Lindsay

Guests may be invited to join specific meetings or portions of specific meetings at the Chair’s discretion.

Appointment Process

The Departmental Head, or designate, is the Chair of the committee.

Ex officio members are members by virtue of their administrative appointment.

Appointed members are selected using the UBC DEM Best EDI Practices guideline (adapted from the Doctors of BC, Section of Emergency Medicine EDI Toolkit Hiring Section). Committee openings will be advertised and targets for diversity will be considered.

Decision Making Process

The DEMAC is advisory to the Head. Discussion is important for critical issues facing the Department to ensure that the Head is aware of DEMAC members’ opinions.

Any member is free to request discussion of issues at the meetings.

Member Responsibilities

  • Attend the majority of meetings
  • Read agendas and minutes and communicate opinions about relevant topics when decisions impact their jurisdictions
  • Discuss non-confidential issues with their respective groups/contacts/committees to get as broad a representation as possible
  • Disseminate important information shared at DEMAC to their constituencies
  • Respectfully present opinions in favour or against proposed policy or actions
  • Promote the activities and priorities of the DEM

Meetings, Agenda and Minutes

Meetings are held monthly, with a summer break, or at the call of the chair. The agenda and minutes of the preceding meeting will be provided one week prior to the meeting. Meeting minutes will be posted on the DEM website and a link to the webpage will be included in the departmental newsletter.

Find past meeting minutes here


Compensation for committee members will follow the UBC, Faculty of Medicine Clinical Faculty Compensation Terms for Standing Committees.


The committee’s performance, membership and terms of reference will be reviewed annually.