Staff Directory

Administration and Human Resources

NameArea of ResponsibilityPrimary DEM Contact for:
Meredith EdwardsAdministrative Manager
Jenny LamAdministrative CoordinatorHead scheduling requests.
Head signature requests.
Margarita Reyes (on leave)HR Manager
Jessy Lee (part-time)HR CoordinatorTerm Faculty HR
Udani PereraHR Assistant & Clinical Faculty CoordinatorClinical Faculty appointments and promotions
Clinical Faculty contact and payment information
Staff and Student Appointments Newsletter requests
Website update requests


NameArea of ResponsibilityPrimary Education Contact for:
Janet ChungUndergraduate Program Manager
Velia AltamiraResidency Program Manager
Mira Pandya (on leave)Residency Program Manager
VacantProvincial (Overall) Program CoordinationAcademic Half Day Coordination
VacantProgram Coordinator – Vancouver Site
Kanchan PandeyProgram Coordinator – Fraser Site
Anny RuchProgram Coordinator – Vancouver Island Site
Morgane DuclosProgram Coordinator – Interior Site