Clinical Faculty Appointments

At the University of British Columbia (UBC), we value the vital role played by our Clinical Faculty members in educating undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate students, residents, and fellows. Our Clinical Faculty members, who are practicing health professionals, contribute significantly to the Faculty of Medicine’s vision. With over 11,000 members, they inspire and educate our learners, setting an example for the next generation of healthcare professionals. 

Department of Emergency Medicine Policy on Clinical Faculty Appointments

The UBC Department of Emergency Medicine has over 750 clinical faculty members who make significant contributions in administration, professional development, and translational and clinical research. 

Clinical faculty members may be appointed and promoted on an ongoing basis. For more information, please contact  

To be considered for a clinical faculty promotion, the following documentation must be submitted to 

  1. A letter of request for promotion addressed to Dr. Corinne Hohl, Head, UBC Department of Emergency Medicine
  2. A letter of support from your Emergency Department Site Head
  3. An up-to-date Abbreviated (short-form) UBC CV filled out in detail

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