Royal Columbian and Eagle Ridge Hospital

Royal Columbian (RCH) and Eagle Ridge Hospitals (ERH) are joined through a single group of emergency physicians, who together cover both these tertiary and community-based hospitals.  This provides a great scope of practice for emergency medicine, and emergency department-based research, and permits us to conduct studies at both sites with minimal extra effort.  

Currently, the Academic Director for the RCH and ERH is Dr. Adam Lund, who oversees the programs of research based within our group. Please visit: for the most up to date synopsis of projects and work at our sites. Special interest areas in our group academically include (list not exhaustive):

1.  Administration, Overcrowding and P4P
2.  Mass Gathering Medicine and Community Events
3.  Ultrasound in the Emergency Department
4.  Sports Medicine
5.  Wilderness and Mountain Medicine
6.  Education at all levels
7.  Digital Photography in the Emergency Department
8.  Efficiencies in Emergency Medicine
9.  Reducing Door to Needle/Balloon Time for Acute Coronary Syndrome
10.  Prehospital Care Studies (trauma, special operations, tactical EMS)
11.  Spinal Cord Injury Research
12.  Toxicology, CBRNE, and Impaired Drivers
13.  Nurse-Initiated Orders and Pain Control
14.  Short Stay Units in the Emergency Departments


For further information regarding projects at RCH, please feel free to contact the current Academic Director.

Adam Lund, BSc, MD, MEd, FRCPC(Emergency)
Academic Director, RCH & ERH Emergency
Clinical Associate Professor, Faculty of Medicine, UBC
Research Associate, School of Applied Health Sciences, JIBC
Adjunct Professor, School of Nursing, UBC