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Dr Riyad B. Abu-Laban is an Emergency Physician at VGH, Associate Professor and Research Director of the UBC Department of Emergency Medicine (DEM), and Senior Associate Editor for the Canadian Journal of Emergency Medicine. He holds a MHSc in epidemiology from UBC, has a wide range of research publications, and was principal investigator on two cardiac arrest RCTs published in the NEJM (2002) and the Lancet (2006). In recent years his focus has shifted to research facilitation and education through his DEM administrative role. Dr. Abu-Laban has provided academic mentorship to several DEM faculty members and VCHRI career award recipients, and has taught on clinical trials for the VCHRI Centre for Clinical Epidemiology and Evaluation where he is a Research Associate. In 2011 he developed and launched a novel 1 month annual research education rotation for UBC Royal College Emergency Medicine Residents called the “NERD Block” (see Research section of this website for further details) that was highly evaluated and expanded in 2012 to include Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellows and EM Faculty Members. Dr. Abu-Laban chairs monthly DEM “Research in Progress Rounds”, provides methodologic support to DEM researchers, and is active as a collaborator on a number of ongoing research studies in emergency medicine. His most recent principal investigator publication is a mixed outcomes study on the NERD Block (Can J Emerg Med, 2013, in press).

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