Meet Our 2022 Incoming Residents

The UBC Department of Emergency Medicine is honoured and excited to welcome an incredible group of new trainees to our RCPSC-EM Residency Program in July 2022.

Learn more about our incoming residents and why they are excited to pursue their emergency medicine training at UBC.

Daniel Shi | Vancouver Site

“What drew me to emergency medicine is the diversity of patient presentations that I get to see. Whether it’s suturing a laceration or investigating chest pain, I have the chance to make a positive impact on anyone that walks into the hospital. I’m particularly excited to start my training at UBC – their community of residents stood out to me; during the application process, they were all down-to-earth and enthusiastic about the quality of the EM program here. I’m looking forward to the next five years!”

Francesca Bell Peters | Vancouver Site

“I am so thrilled to be joining the UBC Emergency Medicine group here at Vancouver General Hospital (VGH)! Throughout medical school I grew to love the energy and community in the VGH emergency department, and I cannot wait to learn from all the amazing staff and patients here!”

Hanna Parmar | Vancouver Site

“I am beyond thrilled to be joining the UBC emergency medicine family in Vancouver, where I look forward to learning and growing alongside an amazing group of residents and emergency physicians.”

Inderdeep Mander | Fraser Site

“I am excited to be training at UBC’s emergency medicine program. I look forward to the diverse pathology and patient populations, training under experts in the field, and, as a transplant from Edmonton, being close to the ocean.”

Trisha Kandiah | Vancouver Site

“I couldn’t quite believe it when I discovered that I was going to train as an emergency physician in Vancouver. Emergency medicine is my dream specialty and getting to train alongside amazing staff and residents that have already created such a welcoming environment is truly a dream come true! Having lived in Ontario my whole life, I am thrilled to venture out west and start this incredible journey in such a beautiful city with wonderful people.” 

Jessica Jacob | Fraser Site

“As a UBC medical student, I met amazing staff in various emergency departments who encouraged me to pursue this field. They not only gave me opportunities to grow in knowledge and skill but also provided advice, guidance and mentorship. I am excited to continue my training in emergency medicine at UBC, allowing me to continue these relationships and build many more with excellent preceptors and colleagues throughout the province.

Tracy Huynh | Vancouver Site

“There’s nothing that motivates or excites me more than being in the emergency department and seeing the wide variety of cases that come through its doors. I wake up every morning grateful and humbled that I can provide genuine comfort to patients, sometimes during their most vulnerable moments. And there’s nowhere else I can imagine living and training than here at home in BC where I was born and raised.”

Victoria Forcina | Vancouver Site

“I’m so excited to have the opportunity to train at UBC for emergency medicine. This program and staff made me feel at home from day one, and I can’t think of a better place to train and live for the next five years.

Damian Feldman-Kiss | Kelowna Site

“I am ecstatic to be joining the UBC emergency medicine family at the Interior site to train with and learn from a tight-knit group of residents and inspiring emergency physicians. I look forward to establishing a career defined not only by being available anytime to any patient with any need, but by balance and resiliency cultivated by coming home. I am excited to seek mentorship from UBC’s expert faculty to become a leader in clinical and academic emergency medicine, fighting the overdose crisis and improving emergency care for people who use substances.”

Sarah Douglas | Vancouver Island Site

“Victoria has been my home for the last decade and I am ecstatic to be joining the emergency medicine family here! UBC offers abundant opportunities within research and leadership to explore my interests in pre-hospital medicine, engineering and Indigenous health. I can’t wait to bond with the resident group and possibly join a soccer or weight lifting team!”

Emma Croft | Kelowna Site

“I am very excited to begin my training in the UBC emergency medicine program in Kelowna. I look forward to working with the sublime staff, rocking residents, and the rest of the terrific team in the Okanagan throughout my journey to becoming an emergency physician.”

Eva Bruketa | Vancouver Island Site

“Joining the Island family from landlocked Ontario is a dream come true! Over the next five years (and beyond), I am excited to learn from staff, colleagues and experts to experience how to provide equitable care and improve access, with a specific focus on addictions medicine. When not in the emergency department, I can be found as close to the ocean as possible at all times, and this move makes it much closer.”

Breezy Beaudry | Vancouver Island Site

“Having been raised in Kelowna and having previously attended the University of Victoria, it feels surreal to be moving back from Northern Ontario to join the UBC emergency medicine Island team. With the province of BC as my training ground, I am especially excited to continue to pursue my areas of interest in equitable and safe access to emergency services and wilderness medicine throughout the next five years. Outside of the emergency department, I am excited to continue exploring the island mountains, biking everywhere and trying to convince my water-averse northern Ontario husky to swim in the ocean.

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