Dr. Emily Lostchuck awarded a 2022 CAEP Junior Investigator Grant

Dr. Emily Lostchuck, UBC Emergency Medicine Fraser resident, was awarded a 2022 CAEP Junior Investigator Grant for her research project named “Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) in the Emergency Department”. The project aims to characterize the presenting patient characteristics, diagnosis and managements of PID in Canadian emergency departments (ED).

“I am honoured to have the opportunity to use this funding to better support the health and wellbeing of people with uteri and/or their adnexa in the Emergency Department and I hope my work contributes to the ongoing development of gender equity in the ED.”
– Dr. Emily Lostchuck

PID is a common and comorbid disease affecting people with uteruses and their adnexa (PWUA), however only 35 per cent of American ED cases of PID are managed appropriately. Emergency medicine societies around the world, including CAEP, have promoted gender equity within emergency medicine. A key component of achieving gender equity is measuring disease in PWUA.

As there is currently minimal Canadian literature available regarding epidemiology, diagnosis and management of PID, Emily aims to increase the available literature with this study.

For more information on this year’s grant winners, visit https://caep.ca/research/grant-competition/grant-winners/.


Dr. Emily Lostchuck and her team of medical students, Ro Moshkovitz, Harmeet Gill,
Vicky Cao and Marie Schultze, at the CAEP Conference 2022 in Quebec City where
they presented three posters on pelvic inflammatory disease in the Emergency Department.