Meet our 2021 Incoming Residents!

The UBC Department of Emergency Medicine is honoured and excited to welcome an incredible group of new trainees to our RCPSC-EM Residency Program in July 2021.

Learn more about our incoming residents and why they are excited to pursue their emergency medicine training at UBC.

Jen-ai Lai | Fraser Site

“Hooked by its tremendous scope and diversity, I fell in love with emergency medicine because of its unparalleled opportunities for action and advocacy. I’m absolutely over the moon to be joining the UBC Emergency Medicine team – I can’t wait to wake up excited to go to work every day and serve our community alongside the most talented and passionate people I know.

Paul Clerc | Fraser Site

“I am very excited to be joining the UBC Fraser Emergency Program! I have already received a very warm welcome from emergency staff and program residents. Joining this program has been a goal of mine since entering medical school. I am looking forward to not only the excellent training I will receive, but also the friendships, adventures, and experiences with such a great group over the next 5 years.

Alex Senger | Interior Site

“I’m absolutely thrilled to be joining the UBC Emergency Medicine program in Kelowna. As an out-of-province match, I have been so impressed with how welcoming the entire team at UBC has been. I look forward to the next 5 years of adventures!”

Daria Hutchinson | Interior Site

“I am thrilled to be starting residency with the UBC RCPSC-EM Program at the Interior Site. Kelowna has been my home throughout medical school, and I’ve loved getting to know both the wonderful city and the amazing hospital staff. I’m looking forward to beautiful summers by the lake, discovering new hiking and camping spots, and of course, beginning residency in my dream specialty! Emergency Medicine has so much to offer, and there’s nowhere I’d rather be doing it than my home province of B.C.”

Frances Clayton | Interior Site

“I am absolutely thrilled to have matched to the UBC Emergency Medicine Program in Kelowna and am excited to start this next chapter in the Okanagan where I will train alongside my partner. I find the scope of emergency medicine both exciting and intimidating – thankfully, I could not have asked for a more supportive or welcoming group to help me rise to the challenges of this broad and demanding specialty. I am ready to embark on this next adventure!”

Adam Arthurs | Vancouver Site

“Having lived in Northern Ontario for the past 26 years, I’m excited to make the trek out to B.C. and call Vancouver my new home. Being part of a program that leads Emergency Medicine in Canada both clinically and academically, I look forward to expanding my interests in addictions medicine, LGBTQ2IA+ health, and point-of-care ultrasound. When I’m not in the ED, you’ll find me rowing in Vancouver harbour, road cycling, ultramarathon running, and kombucha tasting.”

Brendan Lee | Vancouver Site

“I am honoured to be joining the UBC RCPSC-EM program. I’m incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to head out West and can’t wait to meet the UBC EM family! I’m looking forward to getting to know B.C. and can’t wait for the journey ahead!

Christina Botros | Vancouver Site

“Joining the UBC Emergency Medicine family in Vancouver is truly a dream come true! I can’t think of a better program to not only become an excellent clinician but also to belong to an incredibly tight-knit community of residents and faculty. I’m especially excited to explore all that the UBC RCPSC-EM program has to offer at its 4 sites and take advantage of all the amazing learning experiences. I’m looking forward to getting started in July!” 

Dylan Collins | Vancouver Site

“I am honoured to be joining the UBC Emergency Medicine community and to be able to learn with, and from, so many extraordinary emergency physicians. I am excited for the opportunity to serve the many diverse and vibrant communities of British Columbia through my interest in rural and remote emergency health services. I could not be more excited to embark on this journey with such a wonderful group of co-residents.”

Kiran Grant | Vancouver Site

“I’m thrilled to have matched to the Emergency Medicine Program at UBC and to be moving to the beautiful city of Vancouver! It is a great privilege to join a wonderful group of co-residents and staff physicians as I continue my medical training. Emergency Medicine appeals to me because of its breadth and acuity, and the opportunities to develop deeper expertise in a range of sub-specialties from trauma, to critical care, to addictions medicine.”

Morgan Haines | Vancouver Site

“Born and raised in North Vancouver, I am very grateful to have matched to the Vancouver program and to be joining the UBC Emergency Medicine family. The teamwork in Emergency Medicine is second to none, and I look forward to working with and learning from everyone across all four residency sites over the next five years!”

Hilary Drake | Vancouver Island Site

I am grateful and ecstatic to be joining the Emergency Medicine crew in Victoria! I look forward to learning from the amazing preceptors, making new friends with the incredible group of residents, and serving the diversity of patients the Island offers. It has been a privilege to have completed medical school at UBC and I look forward to this next adventure!”

Rod Vafaei | Vancouver Island Site

“As a B.C. kid raised on the North Shore, I am thrilled to be joining the Emergency Medicine family in Victoria. I am drawn to Emergency Medicine not just because of its fast-paced, team-centred environment, but also for the opportunity to serve and meet patients from all walks of life. I am excited to dive into a new community on Vancouver Island and explore the delicious coffee scene and great hiking trails that Victoria has to offer.”

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