Dr. Adam Lund working with Netflix on COVID-19 safety plans

UBC Emergency Medicine Clinical Associate Professor, Dr. Adam Lund, began leveraging his expertise to develop COVID-19 safety plans for the local BC film and TV industry to return to production in July of 2020. His work caught the attention of Netflix executives who wanted to know if he could help with their productions.

Dr. Lund began working with the production crew and the new health and safety teams embedded on current productions, providing guidance on integrating strategies to mitigate the risk of transmission while also balancing their creative needs. The key, he says, is to strategically “stack” risk-mitigating steps on top of one another to create an environment that maintains a reasonable level of safety.

“It has a lot of ripple effects,” says Dr. Lund. “Being able to keep this industry going means more people are able to keep bringing food home to their kids and pay their bills and to just keep going. In that sense, this has been a really satisfying challenge.”

This story was originally shared by the UBC Faculty of Medicine.