Dr. Kendall Ho receives the VGH+UBC Hospital Foundation Innovator’s Challenge Award for ED App

Congratulations to Dr. Kendall Ho and the UBC DigiEM team, who is working with a cross emergency department team in the lower mainland, including Drs. Wayne Choi, Chris Lee, Chad Kim Sing and Eric Grafstein. The team recently received an inaugural VGH + UBC Hospital Foundation Innovator’s Challenge award for their work developing an app which enhances patient to health professional communication to dramatically transform the patient experience in the ED.

The app will gather and organize information to provide patients with their diagnosis, treatment and discharge instructions, and facilitate follow-ups. It will track real-time ED patient volume and speed of flow to anticipate wait times and avoid overcrowding in our hospitals. The completed app will further improve patients’ understanding of their diseases, shorten their ED length of stay and decrease unnecessary ED revisits.

The Innovator’s Challenge Award supports creative solutions which have the potential to transform healthcare in BC and beyond.