Dr. Jared Baylis Receives 2017 Resident Doctors of BC Award of Merit

We are pleased to announce Dr. Jared Baylis, a 4th year resident in the Emergency Medicine Program based in Kelowna, has received the 2017 Resident Doctors of BC Award of Merit. This annual award recognizes members of the healthcare community for their contributions to creating an optimal training environment for residents in BC.

As one of the inaugural residents at the Interior Site of the UBC Emergency Medicine residency program, Dr. Baylis has set an example for his fellow residents. He has used his expertise in Simulation Education and Innovation to develop a local simulation curriculum to ensure that residents get exposed to all the key clinical presentations and has mapped these presentations to clinical competencies and objectives.

Despite the many competing demands of residency, Dr. Baylis has invested time to network with consultant services and leverage these connections to create opportunities for residents. In addition, he introduced an initiative called “Real Talk”, with the intention of creating a safe space for residents to share experiences in medicine and speak openly about burnout, mistakes on shifts, and work-life balance. This initiative is now a yearly tradition and has helped create a culture of openness and support in the Kelowna residency program.