UBC Digital Emergency Medicine Group Awarded Vancouver Foundation Grant

Congratulations to Dr. Kendall Ho and the UBC Digital Emergency Medicine team!

The UBC Digital Emergency Medicine (DigEM) group was recently awarded a Vancouver Foundation grant on their project “Evidence Supported Self-management Enablement and Cultural Engagement (ESSENCE): Supporting BC’s Multicultural Communities in Optimizing Evidence Supported Self-Management and Prevention of Chronic Diseases”, as part of the inter-Cultural Online Health Network (iCON).

This three-year, $225,000 grant will enable a better understanding of how Chinese and South Asian communities in BC can meaningfully participate in developing evidence-based self-management approaches based on culturally appropriate clinical practice guidelines. The project will also identify barriers and facilitators for multicultural community members to engage with policy makers and clinical leaders to co-create content tailored for community members to improve chronic disease management.

This grant, together with the Ministry’s continuing support of iCON under the auspice of DigEM, will continue collaboration with community members to improve care and contribute to efforts such as engaging BC’s Indigenous population in improving emergency care over time.