GEMI EM Training Partnership in Nepal

The Global EM Initiative (GEMI, an interest group with UBC DEM) works closely with Canadian academic partners to support the EM post-graduate training program at the Patan Academy of Health Sciences in Nepal.  Since the program’s beginning in Sept 2013, 9 UBC DEM faculty members have volunteered to teach and work alongside trainees and colleagues in Nepal.  The program’s first class graduated its March 2015, and shortly thereafter played key roles in their hospitals’ responses to the April 2015 earthquake.  In August 2014, GEMI hosted 4 of the recent graduates in Vancouver for a collegial exchange of emergency care practices and experiences.

The first 6 graduates of the EM training program at PAHS (front row), along with PAHS leadership, and partnership members from GEMI and from U. of Alberta. Nepali emergency physicians, UBC GEMI members, and family at a welcome dinner hosted by Dr. Afshin Khazei in Vancouver.

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