Congratulations to Dr. Corinne Hohl and her research team!

Please join us in congratulating Dr. Corinne Hohl, an Associate Professor at the UBC Department of Emergency Medicine, and her research team as they recently received a $100,088 grant through CIHR to support their research project “Factors Contributing to the Development of Preventable Adverse Drug Events”.

Adverse drug events are a leading cause of hospital and emergency department admissions, accounting for 12% of all emergency visits. Every year in B.C., adverse drug events cause more than 200,000 ED visits and cost approximately $90 million.

Yet, up to 70% of adverse drug events are consistently identified as preventable, with 30% occurring simply because health care providers re-prescribe and re-dispense culprit drugs — without knowing those drugs previously caused harm.

This grant underscores the important work Dr. Hohl is doing as a DEM Innovation Initiative leader in this area to identify preventable adverse drug events in BC emergency departments.