Global Emergency Medicine

Emergency medicine (EM) specialist doctors from the Department of Emergency Medicine (DEM) at the University of British Columbia Columbia (UBC) Faculty of Medicine in Vancouver have formed the Global Emergency Medicine Initiative (GEMI).  UBC DEM oversees two emergency medicine post-graduate specialist training programs in Vancouver, which is the third largest city in Canada.  GEMI counts over 20 core members with considerable experience in global clinical work, clinical teaching, didactic teaching, EM training program administration, emergency department administration, and EM research.  As part of the larger UBC DEM, GEMI draws on the added expertise of over 300 emergency medicine specialists affiliated with UBC DEM.

GEMI has been formed with the goal of establishing long-term partnerships with LMIC (low-and middle-income country) institutions that are leading in-country efforts to improve emergency care.  GEMI is also motivated by the opportunity to exchange knowledge with its partners, and learn more from them about emergency care with limited resources.   Given its expertise and resources, GEMI is particularly well positioned to assist with the training of doctors in emergency care.  GEMI can provide support in several areas, including but not limited to:

  1. Direct on-site teaching and clinical training
  2. Faculty development and other support on-site faculty members
  3. Development and sharing of electronic resources to facilitate remote teaching and learning
  4. Curriculum development