Invest in Faculty

Julian Marsden, Clinical Professor

To attract star talent and retain outstanding faculty, the Department of Emergency Medicine is establishing chairs and professorships. Support for chairs and professorships provides critical sustainable funding to promote outstanding and innovative work to improve patient care.

A chair is an award to an established scholar, scientist and/or educator to a position of honour within the university and the community at large. The holder of such an award is a full professor, has a record of accomplishments in his or her field, and plays a leadership role in this area at UBC. Chair funding supports research as well as a portion of salary costs.

A professorship is an award for the appointment or retention of a leading scholar, and brings a strong foundation of knowledge and skills to a specific area from which UBC’s research and clinical teams can build. Professorship funding primarily supports research advancement.

Support for professorships has great potential to advance discovery in the Department’s strategic initiatives, which address critical health needs for individuals and the community. For example, Dr. Jim Christenson, Head of the UBC Department of Emergency Medicine, is committed to increasing the survival of patients with better pre-hospital resuscitation and post-resuscitation care across BC. A professorship geared toward improving the survival of cardiac arrest patients would save many more lives by providing sustainable funding to such vital work.

To inquire about giving opportunities for chairs, professorships, fellowships and distinguished scholars please contact:

Adrienne Lariviere