Program Directors

Olympic Mountains

Dr. Caroline Tyson

Dr. Caroline Tyson, UBC EM Program Director (interim),
Associate Program Director/Site Director (Fraser)

Welcome, and thanks for visiting our website! We are proud to be the first distributed Emergency Medicine Program in Canada. No matter which site you choose for your training, rest assured that you will gain the skills necessary to practice EM, and have a great experience at the same time. UBC is a large program, but we’ve managed to maintain the “family” feeling both within each site, but also across the program as a whole.

Dr. Helen Ross

Dr. Helen Ross, Associate Program Director, Victoria

Welcome to UBC-Vancouver Island Site! We hope you are as excited to meet us, as we are you. Combining the solid infrastructure of the Vancouver site with a fresh clinical experience in the jewel that Vancouver Island is, has been truly rewarding. The first-hand access to high acuity medicine is amazing. If you would like to combine the outdoors with a fabulous five years of training, Vancouver Island is for you.

Dr. Brian Chung

Dr. Brian Chung, Associate Program Director, Vancouver

Dear UBC CaRMS candidates,

A big thanks to all of you for accepting our invitation to come to Vancouver for an interview. The residents and I are really looking forward to meeting all of you, and hopefully, you will get to know us a bit better as well. I wish all of you the best in the upcoming match.

Dr. Kevin Clark

Dr. Kevin Clark, Associate Program Director, Kelowna

The Kelowna emergency physicians are excited to welcome our Emergency Medicine residents. We really feel that we have an ideal emergency medicine practice and that the Kelowna medical community will provide you with a first-rate training experience. I hope you leave your interview with a great impression of Emergency Medicine in Kelowna and UBC.