Administrative Staff

Head of the Department of Emergency Medicine

Dr. Jim Christenson
604-875-4111 ext 23080


Executive Assistant to the Head

Chantel Archibald
604-875-4111 ext 23078

Undergraduate Program Director

Dr. Jill McEwen
604-875-4111 ext 23075

Undergraduate Program Manager

Janet Chung
604-875-4111 ext 23077

RCPS-EM Residency Program Manager

Mira Pandya
604-875-4111 ext 23076

Carolyn Mackinnon

Research and Education Programs
Sr. Program Assistant

Carolyn Mackinnon
604-875-4111 ext.23081

 Dr. Kevin Clark

RCPS-EM Residency Program Director

Dr. Kevin Clark

RCPS-EM Residency Associate Program Director, Fraser Site

Dr. Tom Green

RCPS-EM Residency Associate Program Director, Kelowna Site

Dr. Josh Willams

Dr. Helen Ross

RCPS-EM Residency Assistant Program Director
Vancouver Island Site

Dr. Helen Ross

Dr. Brian Chung

RCPS-EM Residency Associate Program Director, Vancouver Site

Dr. Brian Chung

CFPC-EM Residency Director

Dr. Rob Saona

CFPC-EM Residency Program Manager

Phaedra Bennett

Research Director

Dr. Riyad Abu-Laban
604-875-4111 ext 23079

Associate Research Director

Dr. Frank Scheuermeyer
604-875-4111 ext 23079

Administrative Manager

Tamiza Abji
604 875-4111 ext 23130

Human Resources Assistant

Alisa Vink
604-875-4111 ext 23040