Stroke & Transient Ischemic Attacks

Strategic Leader: Devin R. Harris

Improved care for stroke and transient ischemic attach (TIA) patients in Emergency Departments, and across the continuum of care, through research, education, exchange of knowledge and advocacy.

Long Term Goals
Establish British Columbia as a leader in research and effective knowledge translation of best practices in Emergency Department (ED) management of stroke and TIA.

Short Term Goals

  • Ongoing partnership with Stroke Services B.C., PHSA and the Clinical Care Management, Stroke / TIA Initiative, B.C. Patient Safety and Quality Council; provide leadership in provincial knowledge generation, knowledge translation and evaluation.
  • To participate in stroke and TIA clinical trials in the pre-hospital and acute care settings.
  • To ensure ongoing emergency medicine stroke leadership at a national level, within CAEP and the stroke community.
  • To ensure that stroke and TIA care remains a key strategic focus within the UBC Department of Emergency Medicine and the academic community in B.C.
  • To ensure financial sustainability of Stroke/TIA leadership in B.C.

Key Partners and Stakeholders

Interior Health Authority

Stroke Services B.C., PHSA B.C. Patient Safety and Quality Council

Canadian Stroke Network, Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada

Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada B.C. Ministry of Health Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians (CAEP) Center for Health Evaluation & Outcomes B.C. Emergency Health Services (B.C. Ambulance Service)

BC Center for Improved Cardiovascular Health


Work to Date

Provincial Stroke Quality Improvement: In partnership with Stroke Services B.C., PHSA, clinical and evaluation leadership for stroke improvement across the continuum of care.

Clinical Trials: Leadership in Genome Canada Large Scale Grant (SpecTRA); Leadership in Brain Canada Grant pre-hospital neuroprotectant trial (FRONTIER); Leadership in atrial fibrillation pathway evaluation (Pfizer).

Guidelines: Lead author on the CAEP Position Statement for Management of Acute Ischemic Stroke (Can J Emerg Medicine, March 2015).  Contributor to the Guidelines and Protocol Advisory Committee Stroke / TIA Guideline publication.  Contributor to Canadian Position Statement on TIA Management (accepted, Stroke).  Steering Committee Member, Stroke Quality Committee, Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada.