Continuing Professional Training

Developing and Implementing Continuing Professional Skills Based Training

Strategic Leader: Afshin Khazei


To teach and maintain skills relevant to emergency medicine quality practice in emergency practitioners across the province

Long Term Goal

To have a sustainable delivery system of simulation-based courses that keep skills current in all 1000 emergency physician practitioners in the province

Short Term Goals

  • To work with the Center of Excellence in Surgical Education and Innovation to develop sustainable simulation skills educational programs
  • To support and enhance the programs developed under the Rural Care Collaboration program in the Department of Family Practice
  • To collaborate with other regional simulation-based programs to be as effective as possible with distributing simulation-based courses

Key Partners & Stakeholders

  • Center of Excellence in Surgical Education and Innovation
  • The Rural Care Collaborative
  • UBC Continuing Professional Development and Knowledge Translation (UBC CPD KT)
  • The Knowledge Translation Framework Strategic Initiative

Work to Date

Dr. Afshin Khazei developed a high-fidelity simulation-based seminar to teach UBC Phase 4 Medical students principles of resuscitation of critically ill patients. Dr. Khazei also developed, and widely delivered a “Simulation-assisted Emergency Medicine Procedures Course” (SEMP) to allow physicians to acquire and review their skills in a number of essential life-saving emergency procedures. SEMP was presented at the RCPS annual National Conference and Simulation Summit in 2009 as an innovative model of mixed-simulation. A formal evaluation of SEMP was presented as an abstract at the CAEP conference in 2013. A Pediatric version of SEMP was developed in 2009-2010 (PEMP), by Dr. Allan Shefrin, and Dr. Khazei, the evaluation of which was presented through two abstracts at conferences in Madrid and New Orleans. Dr. Kevin Clark completed a Masters of Education where he focused his thesis on patient simulation and presented two abstracts at the 2010 CAEP conference. Dr. Ho has published extensively on knowledge translation in a multitude of settings.
In 2013, Dr. Khazei, in collaboration with Chris Eddy, developed and began offering the “Ultrasound-Guided Emergency Medicine Procedures Course” (UGEMP).

In 2014 Dr. Khazei, in collaboration with Dr. Jeff Plante, Dr. Tandi Wilkinson and the UBC CPD office, began to offer SEMP courses combined with the Interior Health Authority Mobile Simulation Course. These rural outreach courses were piloted in Trail, BC and Quesnel, BC, and engaged the entire interprofessional emergency care team composed of physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists, and critical care transport paramedics within their real work environments. The evaluation of this pilot outreach program was conducted in collaboration with Dr. Garth Hunte and Dr. Julian Marsden, and showed very positive results that were shared with the BC Rural CME Collaborative, lending support to a plan to make this into a sustainable province-wide program. Initial steps towards this goal were taken in 2015.

In 2014, Dr. Khazei began a weekly interprofessional simulation program within the Emergency Department at Vancouver General Hospital. This program is part of a CQI process aimed at improving patient safety.

In 2014, Dr. Khazei Conducted a CPD needs-assessment for the UBC Hospital Urgent Care Center and, based on the identified needs, developed a customized curriculum. This 1-day in-situ, interprofessional, high fidelity simulation course was conducted in January 2015 and engaged almost all of the emergency room physicians, nurses, and respiratory therapists.

In 2014, Dr. Khazei initiated a quarterly in-situ, interprofessional, simulation program in the Hyperbaric Unit of Vancouver General Hospital. This program is part of a CQI process aimed at improving patient safety. This work was presented as a plenary lecture at the Canadian Chapter of the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society in Quebec City, October 2014.

Dr. Hazel Park and Dr. Khazei have begun work on the development of a course to address the CPD needs of Urban Trauma Team Leaders, beginning with a needs assessment and engagement with local content experts including Dr. Jasmine Allaire, Dr. Naisan Garraway, Dr. John Tallon, and Dr. Eric Vu.